The Harvest is a fresh new take on Class-Based Hero-Shooters. Fight along with your teammates from different civilizations against other players to take control of the universe's essence. Define your combat style as you play, gaining and combining different abilities to become the best squad. Discover this new sci-fi universe and get ready, THE HARVEST has begun!

Dynamic Class-Based System

The Harvest goes beyond the common class systems in the shooter genre thanks to the Dynamic Class-Based System. Choose your Breacher, select your base set-up and build your full potential during combat in a flexible abilities system.

Embrace your squad

During The Harvest teamwork is rewarded, so all your teammates will benefit from the resources you get. Control the key zones of the map to gather enough resources and upgrade your Breacher. To survive The Harvest you will have to team up with your mates and build the best strategy, but if things get messy, you can always use the "Respawner" to revive the fallen.

The Essence of O'Ree-Jin

O'Ree-Jin is an uninhabited planet that contains the remains of an ancient civilization that controlled the most precious substance in all of creation, the Essence. The planet is a zealous protector of the Essence, but it opens itself at undetermined intervals and for an undetermined time span. During this exceptional period, different civilizations from the Galaxy send their best Breachers to fight for the Essence. This event is known as "The Harvest".

A new sci-fi universe

The Harvest is a new IP created from scratch with deep lore. It has different civilizations, heroes, conflicts, risk-taking and, maybe, chivalric romance in its background.Discover all the stories about each Breacher, their civilizations and their motivations to risk their lives in The Harvest. Find your most suitable Breacher among the different civilizations in this new space opera and get ready for THE HARVEST!


The Harvest - The Battle for the Essence

The Harvest - New pre-alpha gameplay

[The Harvest] A shooter game with NFT Cards


Kira running_TheHarvestGameKira_TheHarvestGame_MOBANew respawn base 2_The Harvest GameThe Harvest Game Alith ActionThe Harvest Game Alith SkillsThe Harvest Game Duke SettlmentThe Harvest Game Duke SkillsThe Harvest Game Essence GardenThe Harvest Game Harvesting in the templeThe Harvest Game Harvesting PointThe Harvest Game Kira FliyingThe Harvest Game Kira SkillsThe Harvest Game KiraAlithThe Harvest Game Lets go teamThe Harvest Game LevelupThe Harvest Game Sahad LookingThe Harvest Game Sahad shootingThe Harvest Game Sahad SkillsThe Harvest Game Temple

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