Join us in our quest to create the best and most enjoyable game. We're always in the search for self-motivated professionals committed to nothing less than the excellence in game development. If you're a passionate game developer, don't hesitate and contact us!

Company Culture

We're a young company with a single goal in mind: make the best experience possible to our players. To achieve that we build collaborative goal oriented teams that work to achieve the best value for the player. Consequently we encourage initiative, participation and criticism as a means of peer and product growth and knowledge sharing.

Career Growth

We're a growing company driven by passion and love for video games. We work in a near-flat meritocratic structure with a lot of agencies and possibilities of self-realization. We believe that every member of a development team should feel ownership of the product, therefore we also have in place large product based bonuses on top of highly competitive salaries.

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The Harvest is a fresh new take on Class-Based Shooters. Fight along with your teammates against other players to take control of the universe's essence. Define your combat style as you play, gaining and combining different abilities to become the best squad.